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LRA-OSF is an open source and freeware developer for all sorts of goodies. Be it games or applications. My major focus platforms are: Windows and Linux and my programming language choices are: C/C++, C#, and Assembly. In regards to GUI programming I ambition to develop stuff in the Win32 API, MFC, wxWidgets, U++, and WinForms.

This is the home for the Drug Turfs Game (A Drug Wars like game) and the Drug Turfs Library.



Drug Turfs game released. Drug Turfs is a game that resembles the classic DOS game Drug Wars. I developed a C++ class library to handle the game logic and algorithms, called DT_LIB (drug turfs library). The purpose of DT_LIB is to be a platform independent library that would allow me to develop the game in any architecture, framework, GUI API, or O/S that I want. By far I have implemented the Drug Turfs game in Console and a Win32 API GUI version. I intent to implement Drug Turfs in wxWidgets, MFC, and U++ as a test of a complete window application with a lot controls and see which GUI API is best for the job.

The Drug Turfs Win32 GUI looks generic (nothing fancy, just a window with lot of edit controls, listboxes, and buttons). Hopefully the MFC and wxWidget versions will look much better. In regards to the game, it is fully functional and hopefully it should be fun to play. Enjoy.
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email: latronix@users.sourceforge.net
Very Old
5/24/03 (legacy)

Back when I was in my first college C++ class in 2003, I did a very crappy console version of Drug Wars, which I called "Puntos de Drogas" (English: Drug Turfs). The program has a very lousy and crude design and I only include the news to ascertain the origin of the LRA and Drug Turfs projects.